About Us

AOS Specialty Contractors, Inc. is a full service general construction firm that specializes in hardscape revitalization projects and customized commercial renovations. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and commitment to the highest quality of work that is on time and within budget, all while maintaining strong relationships with our clients and our community. 


"Every project builds a better community"

Our History

AOS had humble beginnings when John Rushing created Advance Outdoor Services in 1972. Back then, AOS specialized in septic tank work and street sweeping, and transitioned into asphalt work in the late 70s, when Rushing sold the company to a colleague. 

In 1988, Dianne Rushing purchased AOS from its then owner and the company began on the path we see it on today. Through 30 years of hard work and endless hustle, AOS grew from a small scale contractor operating out of a double wide trailer to a renowned large scale contractor.

Today, AOS has completed projects in hardscape and concrete work, vertical construction, utility, asphalt, and fencing. 

AOS Specialty Contractors, Inc. was incorporated on September 24, 2002.


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