Our Team

Dianne Rushing CEO

Dianne Rushing

Dianne sees AOS from 50,000 feet, and her vision for tomorrow influences how we spend today. As our team captain, she has been working tirelessly for 30 years to grow AOS from a small street sweeping and asphalt company to a large scale construction firm that completes nearly 250 jobs a year. Her passion for the profession and the people we work with is evident in her every move. With Dianne at the helm of our ship, we will always be on the right course.

Jane Plante COO

Jane Plante

If Dianne is our team captain, Jane is our beloved coach. Jane joined her sister at AOS nearly 20 years ago, and since then her commanding presence and charisma has earned AOS a spotless reputation in our community. As COO, Jane leads us through the day-to-day challenges of operating our company. You can always count on Jane for a job well done.

CJ Baird Director of Vertical Projects and Project Manager

CJ Baird

In his role as Project Manager and Director of Vertical Projects, CJ brings a level of precision to our projects that makes him an incredible asset to our team. CJ makes sure our vertical projects are on time and on budget, and he thrives on the challenges our fast-paced environment can bring. We are so grateful that he’s a part of our team!

Reed Rogers Director of Hardscape Projects

Reed Rogers

Since Reed came to our team in 2015, his commitment to quality and integrity has brought AOS to a new level. In his time here, he’s become known for his charismatic personality, his excellent team management, and his deep desire to go fishing during work hours. For Reed, nothing is better than a happy customer, and for AOS, nothing is better than a happy Reed!

Mike Sweatt Director of Estimating

Mike Sweatt

You will never meet a man as kind as our Mike Sweatt, Director of Estimating. On any given day, Mike will guide our estimating department through countless projects, represent the company during the bidding process, or facilitate the transition of our projects into operations. We look up to Mike for his passion and perseverance, and you’d be hard pressed to find a better core values fit at AOS.

Dago Aguilera Field Director and Project Manager

Dago Aguilera

Dago is essential to the success of our everyday operations at AOS. As a Field Director and Project Manager, he coordinates all of our field crews with their respective jobs, manages our shop office, and acts as a communications liaison between the office and the field. Though you may not get to know him right away, your life will be better off for having worked with someone as dedicated and selfless as Dago. 

Lauren Hunter Finance Manager

Lauren Hunter

Lauren joined the AOS team in 2013, and under her watchful eye as Finance Manager not a dime has fallen out of line. On a typical day, Lauren manages cash flow, financial statements, AP and AR, and makes sure that we all get paid. With her brilliant mind for solving problems and passion for numbers, we couldn’t find anyone more perfect for the job!

Dennis Childs Estimator

Dennis Childs

With pinpoint precision and a dedication to detail, Dennis is the Estimator of AOS’s dreams. Through reviewing plans and specifications, quantifying material and labor, and applying unit costs to each project, Dennis has the special opportunity to “build” our projects before we ever break ground. With him on our team, we never need to question whether or not we’ve delved into the details.

Mandi Ellis Project Coordinator

Mandi Ellis

In our environment, Mandi makes the world go ‘round. As Project Coordinator, she is responsible for making sure AOS and its clients are constantly communicating, in addition to sending and receiving change orders, preparing AR invoices, managing subcontracts, and so much more. Her passion for people shines through in her every interaction, and AOS is a more welcoming place for having her.

Rachael Harman Office Assistant

Rachael Harman

Rachael’s history with AOS can only be described as an amusement park ride that spans decades, though currently she serves as our office assistant. On a typical day, Rachael could be tracking our vehicles, keeping our certifications up to date, or ordering repairs for the equipment we need to keep our projects going. We are so happy to have her as part of our history and our future.

Mike LaCola Estimator

Mike LaCola

Mike is a man of many talents, and he puts them all to use as an Estimator at AOS. Since he started with us in 2015, each of our projects has benefitted from his attention to detail, adaptability, and vast knowledge of our industry. Some may say he’s our secret weapon, because his incredible talent will sneak up on you.

Claire McLane Project Manager

Claire McLane

Claire boasts over 30 years of experience in the construction industry, and we are so glad that she’s chosen to spend her time with AOS. As a Project Manager who specializes in fencing, Claire brings a new level of detail to our team. Under her supervision, projects are always finished on time and on budget, and the customer is always happy.

Melissa Montemayor Special Projects Coordinator

Melissa Montemayor

Melissa’s mind is one of AOS’s most powerful tools. As a member of AOS’s team from her conception in our CEO’s womb, few can say they’ve been around as long as Melissa, and few can say they’ve seen the same progress in AOS. With her technological and analytical gifts, Melissa helped install our current software, ensures that everyone understands it, and works to see how we can make it better.

Joni Peterson Estimating Administrator

Joni Peterson

When Joni came to AOS in 2014, she had no idea she would become such a vital member of our team. Her organizational prowess and maternal nature has led our estimating department to be as efficient as it has ever been, and no one feels lost under Joni’s influence. We are grateful to learn from her every day- whether it be a lesson in estimating, writing, or how to be a wonderful human being.

Alex Plante Shop Coordinator

Alex Plante

As Shop Coordinator, Alex does a little bit of everything. On a typical day, he coordinates repairs between the field and the shop, schedules maintenance, and manages our shop inventory. Alex is an incredibly kind and caring soul, and he will always be the first to offer you a helping hand. AOS is lucky to have him!

Danielle Rollins Bookkeeper

Danielle Rollins

Danielle brings a personality to payables that shines well beyond the banality of bill paying. In our office, Danielle is who you visit when you need a laugh, but she also enters invoices, prints checks for vendors and subcontractors, keeps us all healthy, and ensures we have everything we need to get our jobs done. Her coworkers and company are happy to have her!

Luke Wilkes Project Manager

Luke Wilkes

Luke has been with AOS from the start of his career in construction, and we are so lucky to have watched him grow into the man he is today. As a Project Manager, Luke puts his engineering knowledge and meticulous mechanical mind to ensuring each project exceeds customer expectations. In our office, Luke is the man behind the machine.

Eloi Castillo Superintendent

Eloi Castillo

Jose Zavala Superintendent

Jose Zavala

Carlos Aguilera Foreman

Carlos Aguilera

Jose Barraza-Torres (Bolo) Foreman

Jose Barraza-Torres (Bolo)

Not pictured

Adam Cano Foreman

Adam Cano

Gustavo (Lalo) Lemus Foreman

Gustavo (Lalo) Lemus

Not pictured.

Luis Morales Foreman

Luis Morales

Abraham Morales-Castillo Foreman

Abraham Morales-Castillo

Leonardo Moreno Foreman

Leonardo Moreno

Not pictured.

Wilson Simoes Foreman

Wilson Simoes

Lee Shealy Foreman

Lee Shealy

Not Pictured

Carlos Bedolla-Olvera, Lead Field Specialist

Candido Castillo, Lead Field Specialist

Carlos Lara, Lead Field Specialist

Reinaldo Olvera, Lead Field Specialist

Ramone Zavala, Field Specialist


Armando Rivera, Field Team Member

Juan Barraza, Field Team Member

Calvin Brown, Field Team Member

Juan Chay Gomez, Field Team Member

Julio Cortez Mendes, Field Team Member

Dennis Glenn, Field Team Member

Derrick Glenn, Field Team Member

Melvin Guise, Field Team Member

Erickson Lopez, Field Team Member

Warren McLean, Field Team Member

Guadalupe (Junior) Nava, Field Team Member

Arturo Palencia, Field Team Member

Eugene Williams, Field Team Member