December 19, 2012

Owen’s Field Skate Park opening can't wait

David Toole stood at the top of one of the concrete bowls at the new Owens Field Skate Park, bundled against a biting cold wind but feeling a certain warmth deep inside.

"I've been wanting a skate park in my town since I was 11," said Toole, 36. "I remember the first time I was busted for skating (on private property) in Irmo, I told the cop there wasn't anyplace we could skate legally."

The officer recommended Toole work with public officials to get a skate facility built. Twenty-five years later, the area finally has a first-rate, public skate park. The 14,500-square-foot custom concrete park, which opens this weekend, replaces a small skate park many local skaters considered inadequate.