Exterior improvements and renovations encompass a wide variety of construction, including concrete paving/sidewalks, pedestrian improvements, stone and monument work, streetscapes, landscaping, and decorative paving. For nearly 30 years, AOS has been at the forefront of unique and specialty hardscape features across South Carolina. It is our focus on the customer, their satisfaction, and product durability that keeps customers returning to AOS for new projects time and time again. 

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Upfit and Renovations

Whether it's renovating an existing space or constructing a new space from the ground up, the challenge of vertical work is to balance the cost with the needs and expectations for the new area. AOS has the experience and ability to deliver that final product while performing the contract on time and on budget. So whether it's a commercial kitchen upfit, office improvements, medical renovations, or constructing a whole new space, the AOS difference shows in the quality work we leave behind and the relationships we've built along the way.

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Utilities are the essentials aspects for every project; whether it be water, wastewater, or electrical. No job can be complete without the necessary utilities. The technology that is behind utility work can be daunting, but AOS has the know-how to finish the job.

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Asphalt paving can be a cost effective way to bring more value to your project, whether it is a roadway, parking lot, or pedestrian path. AOS provides customers with unparalleled insights to asphalt paving options to truly make each project special. Those options  include stamping or coloring asphalt, brick paver inlay, or unique striping and painting. Finding the right options to fit each unique project and budget is a specialty that's unique to AOS.

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Fencing encompasses a broad range of options for personal or commercial use.  Whether you need a protective barrier or a decorative aspect to make your project pop, AOS can provide what you need. 

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